Unwrap Success: Packaging Best Practices for Peak Periods

Unwrap Success: Packaging Best Practices for Peak Periods

15th Nov 2023

'Tis the season to deck those packages with boughs of holly and sprinkle some festive cheer into every shipment! However, the art of packaging isn't just about decoration; you’ll need to ensure your items are secure and well-protected. The last thing anyone wants is to have damaged goods arrive the week before Christmas and postal cut-off dates. This will cause your business more issues with sorting returns while also having damaged your reputation as a brand, potentially costing you a loyal customer.

As the holiday season twinkles closer, let's unwrap some packaging best practices for businesses looking to deliver success this peak shopping period.

Nice List-Approved Packaging Materials

It’s not just about what’s inside that counts. Opt for eco-friendly packaging materials that are both sturdy and sustainable. Consider recyclable cardboard boxes, biodegradable void fill, or festive tissue paper made from recycled materials. It's the season of giving after all, so give back to the environment too.

If you’re shipping heavier items and are worried about how supportive ASC Direct’s eco-friendly packaging options are. use our Box Builder to select the exact size and strength needed to ship your items. Our corrugated cardboard boxes are designed to be incredibly supportive while remaining a sustainable packaging option for businesses. As standard, all our corrugated cardboard is sourced from an FSC Certified paper supplier. That’s one way to get your business on the nice list!

Bespoke Packaging Design

Dress up your packaging with holiday-themed branding. Add a dash of yuletide joy with a bespoke festive design. Incorporate your brand's colours into the packaging, using them to echo the Christmas spirit while keeping your branding consistent.

Another way to stand out amongst the flurry of packages arriving on your customer’s doorstep over the peak season, is to look at the shape of your packaging and how it opens. By changing up the design of a standard cardboard box and including something more tailored to your brand, the item being shipped or just something that is a little more festive, it will have a huge impact on your customers. For example, you could choose to create a box shaped like Santa's sleigh, or add a pop up element so that when your customers open the package, a festive scene greets them.

bespoke packaging shape

Safety First

While making packages visually appealing, don't compromise on safety. Ensure fragile items are snugly secured within the packaging. Consider using void fillers like festive-themed tissue paper. You could even opt for biodegradable void fill to resemble snow - no one likes wet cardboard!

With that in mind, you’ll also want to ensure you seal your packages with strong adhesive tape to prevent tampering or accidental opening during transit. Reinforce seams and edges to ensure the package remains intact throughout the shipping journey. You can do this easily with a tape dispenser and packing tape.

Test and Quality Control

We don’t all have a team of elves working round the clock to get items ready for delivery. However, it’s essential that regardless of the size of your business, you regularly test packaging methods to ensure durability and protection. What works for one product, might not work for another. Conduct quality control checks to guarantee packaging meets established standards before shipping. Time to get that Santa seal of approval!

Snow-proof Packaging

Consider weather-resistant packaging or additional protective layers for items susceptible to damage from moisture or extreme temperatures. This is especially crucial for products being shipped long distances or internationally.

Clearly label packages with essential information such as recipient address, return address, and shipping labels. Use clear, easy-to-read fonts and waterproof labels to ensure visibility even in adverse weather conditions - something many parts of the world will experience in winter!

Waterproof packaging

Wrapping Up

The holidays are the perfect time to showcase your brand's personality through thoughtful and festive packaging. By combining creativity with practicality, you can sleigh your packaging game and make each unboxing experience a joyful and memorable one for your customers.

Remember, it's not just about what's inside the box, but the magic you create with the package itself.