Furniture Packaging

Furniture Packaging

Furniture Packaging

Furniture Packaging

We offer a comprehensive suite of furniture packaging solutions designed to address the unique challenges of transporting furniture. We offer maximum protection by using a diverse range of packaging materials, ensures your furniture arrives in the same condition it left, whether it's across town or across the globe.

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  • Large removal box
    Price per Pack: £25.00 Ex. VAT
    Price per Item: £2.50 Ex. VAT
  • Removal kit
    Price per Pack: £32.50 Ex. VAT
    Price per Item: £32.50 Ex. VAT
  • Royal Mail Medium Shipping Box - Under 61cm x 46cm x 46cm (25 per pack)
    Price per Pack: £91.25 Ex. VAT
    Price per Item: £3.65 Ex. VAT
  • Royal Mail Small Shipping Box - Under 45cm x 35cm x 16cm (25 per pack)
    Price per Pack: £37.25 Ex. VAT
    Price per Item: £1.49 Ex. VAT
  • Single Wall Box -  FEFCO 0201 - Pick Your Size (25 per pack)

Unmatched Furniture Packaging Solutions
Our furniture packaging solutions are developed with the safety of your items as the paramount concern. From heavy-duty stretch film to durable shrink wrap, we provide a variety of materials that cater to every furniture type and size. Our packaging for furniture is rigorously tested to withstand various pressure points, resist punctures, and prevent moisture from building up, offering the ultimate safeguard for your furniture during transit.


Environmentally Friendly Packaging
ASC Direct is committed to sustainability, using recyclable materials across our product range. From corrugated boxes to bubble wrap options, we strive to minimise environmental impact without compromising on protection and durability.


Tailored to Your Needs
Recognising that one size does not fit all in furniture packaging, ASC offers customisation services that allow for personalised dimensions, specific artwork, and brand logo placements. This tailored approach ensures that each packaging solution perfectly fits your furniture, providing not just protection but also a unique packaging experience that aligns with your brand.


Cost-Efficient Solutions Without Compromise
Efficiency in cost without sacrificing quality is at the heart of our furniture packaging solutions. Our cost-efficient practices are designed to offer the best value, ensuring that you receive high-quality packaging that doesn’t break the bank. By offering a diverse range of materials, including bubble wrap, stretch film, and shrink wrap, we ensure that your furniture is protected in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Why Choose ASC Direct?
Choosing ASC Direct for your furniture and home decor packaging needs means partnering with a company that prioritises quality assurance, environmental responsibility, and tailored solutions. Our furniture packaging solutions are designed with your needs in mind, providing peace of mind that your items will arrive at their destination safely and in pristine condition.


Your furniture deserves a packaging solution that's as exceptional as the pieces themselves. With ASC Direct's premium packaging options, you can rest assured that your furniture is protected by the best in the business.


For further information on packaging for furniture or to place an order, contact us today on 0800 0731 126 or via our contact form.