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ASC Direct have been manufacturing boxes for over 30 years. Using this experience, we have taken everything we know and implemented this knowledge into an easy to use custom boxbuilder. With just 3 simple steps you can receive a cardboard box built to your own specification, despatched in 48hrs. Just choose your style of box, thickness of cardboard, add your sizes and select customisation! We calculate the cost and do the rest.

Through providing this exceptional service, box personalisation assists new start up businesses and existing businesses to improve efficiency and cutting the overall costs of packaging.

Carry hand holes can now be added to your BoxBuilder bespoke boxes, please call 0800 0731126 for further informaiton.

Build your bespoke box in three easy steps...

  •  Choose your box style
  • Choose the strength of cardboard
  • Customise your chosen style

We will aim to dispatch within 48 hours!

FREE Roll Of Parcel Tape
step choose your style
Style 0201 info

Standard Carton

Custom Single Wall Box
Style 0203 info

As above but with fully overlapping flaps giving extra strength to the top and bottom of the box, mainly used for narrow widths under 200mm.

Cardboard box measurements
Style 0409 info

This is a wrap for packing larger items like pictures, mirrors and worktops etc. and are delivered unglued, Requires taping on three sides SUITABLE FOR DEPTHS, 50mm – 150mm.

Please note: These are not the tuck in pizza style boxes.


Flat Box Measurements
Style 0201 ALT info

Alternative opening to the standard style 0201 if the depth is less than 100mm. Suitable for long narrow products e.g. Cricket bats, golf clubs, umbrellas, strips of plastic/metal.

Custom Sized Boxes
Style 0401 info

Unglued Wrap, just fold around your product and seal with adhesive tape. Great for protecting books, pictures and other products that need a very small box depth.

Custom Picture Box
step choose your box thickness
step choose your customisations