Box Builder Guide

ASC Direct's Box Builder tool provides a unique way to create custom, made-to-measure packaging solutions that cater to your specific needs. The digital mockup updates in real-time as you progress through each step, allowing you to visualise your bespoke box design and know precisely what you will receive. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the Box Builder tool and select the best features for your packaging requirements.


Step 1: Choose Your Box Style 

For each box style options, you’ll see a series of numbers. These numbers are called FEFCO codes; they’re a standardised system applied to corrugated packing styles, so each manufacturer can communicate clearly. If you’ve used a different packaging supplier in the past, then you should be able to find out the FEFCO codes they were using for your boxes. That gives you the option to stick with what you know or try something new!  

 Standard box – FEFCO Code: 0201. Probably the most common and cost effective a box can get, with flaps that close over the top and bottom. 

Standard Box

End Opening - FEFCO Code: 0201. The same as our standard box except for the fact the opening is on the long end instead. Perfect for long items like golf clubs and bags.

End Opening

Overlapping Flaps - FEFCO Code: 0203. Like the standard box but instead of the folding flaps meeting in the middle upon closure, these flaps cover the whole width of the box body creating a layered effect for more strength. 

Overlapping Flaps

0400 Wrap Box – FEFCO Code: 0400. This is also known as the “book wrap” style as books are the most common products to be packaged in this box. The overlapping folds of this box allow it to be reasonably secure without extra adhesives. 

Wrap Box

0401 Wrap Box – FEFCO Code: 0401. This style of wrap box has larger panels, allowing you to fold them over your products of depths between 10mm-95mm. The style of the flaps does mean it’s more likely to require sealing with adhesive tape. 

Wrap Box 0401

0409 Wrap Box – FEFCO Code: 0409. This wrap box is best suited for depths of 50mm-200mm so things like mirrors, worktops, canvases, etc. The larger size also requires slightly more demand to construct and tape around your product of choice. 

Wrap Box 0409

0200 Open-Top Box - Standard Carton base with open top. Perfect for picking boxes and trays. Boxes are delivered flat packed.

Corrugated Pad

Step 2: Determine Box Size


Imagine you are looking at your fully formed box, ready to put your item inside. There is a panel that is touching the table/floor/surface. 
Length = The longest side of that panel. 
Width = The shortest side of that panel. 
Depth = The height of the panel on the side of your box. 
Your selected measurements will be the internal dimensions of the box, meaning the side touching your product when shipped. External dimensions are dictated by the design of your box and your box strength/thickness.  
Remember 10mm = 1cm.

Dimensions Example

 Step 3: Strength 
A single corrugated sheet is comprised of something wavy called fluting and 2 sheets of liner cardboard on either side of the waves. These elements together are known as a wall; walls create the strength to absorb the impact of outside forces and spread it out across the surface of your box, thus protecting your contents. 

The height and frequency of the fluting will differ depending on the type of object you wish to protect inside your box. Some flute profiles are the combination of 2 walls with different flute sizes being stacked on top of each other, these create different degrees of reinforcement.  

Single Wall Kraft Corrugated Cardboard – 4mm thick C flute. Suitable for items under 15kg.

Single Wall Kraft Corrugated Cardboard

Double Wall Kraft Corrugated Cardboard – 6mm thick BC flute using 2 walls, 1 B flute & 1 C flute. Suitable for items between 15kg-25kg.

Double Wall Kraft  Corrugated Cardboard

Heavy Duty Double Wall Kraft Corrugated Cardboard – 6mm thick BC flute constructed with thicker cardboard to create the walls. Suitable for items over 25kg. 

Heavy Duty Double Wall Kraft Corrugated Cardboard

Step 4: Colour 
The colour of your box determines the type of design that can go on it. Branding is just as important as what goes inside the box if you w18

ant your business to grow! 
Brown – The same colour inside and out can give a more home-grown rustic feel or be suited to a no-frills type of organisation. 
White (Brown Inside) - Allows more options for colour printing your design or a white base could provide a cleaner, more high-end vibe to your packaging.

Step 5: Quantity 
We sell all our custom built boxes in batches of 25, meaning a minimum of 25 boxes per order, and you have the option of receiving a free roll of tape with every batch. Don’t forget to check if you want your free roll with each batch!

Once you’ve built the box of your dreams you can find your summary at the bottom of the page. This will contain all the information about your choices in each section, as well as your total cost for the order and your price per box. You’ll also be provided with an estimated shipping date, which will only be accurate if your order is completed on the same day you add it to your cart. 

Step 6: Review and Confirm Your Order 

Before finalising your order, double-check your box specifications, design and quantity to ensure everything meets your requirements. Confirm your shipping address and select your preferred shipping method. 

Step 7: Save and Reorder Your Custom Boxes

Once you have designed the perfect box, you can save it to your account, making it easy to reorder when needed. Assign memorable names to your saved designs, so you can quickly identify and reorder them without having to recreate them from scratch. 

Make sure to name your box at the time of ordering, so it's easier to find in your favourites!

Step 8: Track Your Order and Provide Feedback

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email and tracking information. ASC Direct aims to dispatch custom orders within 48 hours, so you can expect your bespoke packaging to arrive promptly. Once you have received your custom boxes, provide feedback on your experience with the Box Builder tool and the quality of the packaging. Your feedback will help ASC Direct continue to refine and improve their services. 

Now you have everything you need to create the perfect bespoke box, head back to our Box Builder to get started!