Single Wall Box 0201 356mm x 246mm x 154mm (25 per pack) (87548)


Single wall box available whilst stock lasts, when it's gone, it's gone


Introduce efficiency into your packaging processes with our Single Wall 0201 Cardboard Boxes, ideal for accommodating a broad spectrum of mid-sized items. These boxes are engineered from a solid single layer of corrugated cardboard, ensuring both substantial protection and practicality in handling.


  • Diverse Size Options: Provided in a range of sizes, with the most considerable dimension extending to 356mm in length
  • Material Composition: Fabricated from a durable single layer of corrugated cardboard
  • Design Innovation: Utilises the reliable 0201 format with top and bottom flaps for a steadfast closure
  • Personalisation Availability: Offers the flexibility for custom branding, including distinctive logos or designs
  • Eco-preferable: Produced from recyclable materials, in line with eco-friendly packaging practices

Highly Suitable For

  • Enclosing and safeguarding mid-sized items during shipping or storage
  • Providing a secure environment for a variety of products such as moderate-sized electronics, books, and clothing
  • Beneficial for businesses and individuals in pursuit of reliable, manageable packaging solutions
  • Facilitating the orderly stacking and efficient utilisation of space for stored products
  • Addressing the need for sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging solutions

ASC Direct is committed to delivering packaging solutions that are tailored to the unique demands of your business. For customised boxes or any inquiries, please contact us at or phone 0800 073 1126.

Units per pack: 25

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