MiniGrip Polythene Bags 7.5 x 7.5" 1000 pcs


Explore the reliable and compact MiniGrip Polythene Bags, the ultimate solution for protecting your items from unwanted exposure to dirt and moisture. These bags are not only highly practical but also represent a sustainable packaging choice for your diverse business needs.

Product Name

MiniGrip Polythene Bags 7.5 x 7.5" 1000 pcs

Signature Features

  • Reusable and economical, making them an ideal choice for repeated use in packaging.
  • Manufactured from top-quality 100% virgin low-density polythene film, ensuring lasting durability.
  • Incorporates a reliable grip seal, effectively sealing out any dust and moisture to protect the bag’s contents.

Usage Scenarios

  • Perfect for storing items that need safeguarding from external environmental elements.
  • Useful for organising small items or parts in various professional or personal settings.
  • A secure and resilient packaging solution for a multitude of retail or industrial items.

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