MiniGrip Polythene Bags 4" x 5.5" 1000 pcs


Embrace the functionality and dependability of MiniGrip Polythene Bags, your go-to choice for protecting your items from environmental contaminants such as moisture and dirt. These bags offer a practical and sustainable packaging solution, ideal for a variety of needs.

Product Name

MiniGrip Polythene Bags 4" x 5.5" 1000 pcs

Exclusive Features

  • Economically and environmentally advantageous, thanks to their reusability.
  • Constructed from the finest 100% virgin low-density polythene film, ensuring both strength and clarity.
  • Equipped with a secure grip seal, guaranteeing the contents remain free from dust and moisture.

Suitable For

  • Exceptional for packaging items that require protection from external environmental elements.
  • Convenient for organising small items or parts in diverse professional or household environments.
  • A reliable and sturdy option for packing various retail or industrial items securely.

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Price per Pack: £16.38 Ex. VAT
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