How ASC Direct is Innovating in 2024: Midas MD Ultra Auto Gluer

How ASC Direct is Innovating in 2024: Midas MD Ultra Auto Gluer

17th Jan 2024

How are you supposed to get ahead if your suppliers are stuck in the past? The notion equally applies to your packaging supplier! ASC Direct is embracing innovation with the adoption of the Midas MD Ultra Fully-Automatic Stitcher/Gluer, a game-changer that is redefining the way bespoke packaging is handled. Produced by  ID Machinery Ltd with a maximum sheet size of 1200 x 2.8 metres, this machine perfectly aligns with ASC Direct's commitment to providing tailor-made packaging solutions.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Efficiency

Equipped with a colour HMI screen for seamless operator setting and a motorised setup, the Midas MD Ultra is a swift starter, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal productivity. Its pre-creasing section is a standout feature, which aids in folding awkward materials, guaranteeing impeccable results for every packaging project undertaken by ASC Direct. Not to mention the fact that technologically adept team members can be trained on the device in a week; preventing risk of down time between orders.

Precision and Versatility at the Core

The Midas MD Ultra boasts a servo-driven registration section, ensuring precise box integrity. This feature, combined with a warp reducing suction feed, underscores the machine's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality. Utilising a cold PVA glue system and an independent squaring section for glued boxes, this innovative technology guarantees a consistent and reliable end product, aligning seamlessly with ASC Direct's dedication to excellence. The speed the MD Ultra provides allows us to switch between orders within 5 minutes.

Midas MD Ultra Gluer.MOV

Innovative Investment for Future Growth

ASC Direct's investment in the Midas MD Ultra extends beyond packaging construction capabilities. The inclusion of automated box strapping not only enhances the presentation of the packaging but also optimises pallet space, allowing for more boxes per pallet. This move allows ASC to bring you better quality packaging to improve your customer experience!

Supporting Ambitious Growth Plans

This significant investment comes at a time when ASC Direct is actively pursuing ambitious growth plans. The commitment to automated technology, alongside recent expansions and recruitment initiatives, positions ASC Direct as a trailblazer in the packaging sector, ready to meet your evolving demands. The Midas MD Ultra is not just a machine; it's a cornerstone in ASC Direct's journey towards sustained success and excellence in bespoke packaging.