ASC Direct Archive Box (20 per pack)


Discover the Ultimate ASC Direct Archive Box (20 Pack): Elevate Your Storage and Moving Solutions


Introducing the pinnacle of storage convenience – the ASC Direct Archive Box Pack. Crafted to perfection, this archival solution ensures an impeccable organisation of files and books while providing an effortless moving experience. With each pack containing 20 units, you're equipped with the tools needed to revolutionise your storage and relocation endeavours.


Key Features:



  • Optimal Size, Maximum Space: Boasting an internal size of 350x310x240mm, our ASC Direct Archive Boxes offer an ideal balance between dimensions and ample storage capacity. Store files and books with efficiency and elegance.
  • Effortless Assembly: Designed for your convenience, these archive boxes are delivered flat-packed with handle holes, making assembly a breeze. Say goodbye to time-consuming setup procedures.
  • Unmatched Durability: With triple-thickness sides, our archive boxes are engineered to withstand the test of time and the rigors of moving. Your valuable documents and possessions remain safeguarded.
  • Stackable Design: The innovative stackable design ensures efficient utilisation of space, making them ideal for both storage and transport purposes.


Versatility at its Best:


  • Efficient Storage: Perfect for neatly storing files, documents, and books, our archive boxes are the epitome of organisation. Keep your workspace clutter-free and your valuable materials easily accessible.
  • Smooth Moves: Ideal for moving house, these archive boxes provide the perfect solution for transporting your possessions securely. The robust design ensures your belongings remain intact during the transition.


Elevate your storage and moving experience with the ASC Direct Archive Box Pack. Redefine the way you organise and relocate, infusing each box with practicality and sturdiness. Choose storage solutions that go beyond the ordinary – choose excellence; choose us.


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Units per pack: 20

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