Biodegradable Void Fill 18x24 inches


Enhance the protection and sustainability of your packaging with ASC Direct's Biodegradable Void Fill 18x24 inches. Tailored for filling smaller gaps, this environmentally friendly solution ensures the safety and integrity of your items during shipping, perfectly fitting into various packaging sizes.

Product Details

Name: Biodegradable Void Fill
Size: 18x24 inches

Key Features

  • Uniquely designed for adaptability to different shapes, offering effective cushioning against impacts.
  • Custom-fit solution, ideal for wrapping and protecting items of diverse dimensions.
  • Committed to eco-friendliness, aiding in achieving sustainable packaging objectives.
  • Fully biodegradable, emphasizing a responsible approach to environmental care.
  • Ensures thorough protection, upholding your brand's image and the safety of your products.

Suitable Applications

  • Perfect for securing smaller electronic devices and delicate items during transit.
  • Provides reliable protection for various product types.
  • Enhances the eco-friendly aspect of your packaging solutions.
  • Flexible and versatile, meeting a wide range of packaging requirements.
  • Maintains the pristine condition and quality of shipped goods.

Choose ASC Direct for more than just packaging solutions – choose a partner committed to product safety, brand integrity, and environmental stewardship. Experience prompt delivery and exceptional service. For additional details or to place an order, please contact us at 0800 0731 126 or visit our contact page.

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