The Gift of Greenery - Plants By Post Box of the Month

The Gift of Greenery - Plants By Post Box of the Month

14th Jun 2023

In line with this months theme of sustainability, we’d like to introduce you to one of our customers who plays a key role in preserving the Earth.

The Client

Plants by Post is an online store born out of a passion for all things green! They offer a range of plant based gifts via their  online store the range of plants available is astounding – they have your more typical house plants but that doesn’t mean they can’t get weird. Fancy a cacti or succulent? Or for the more advanced gardener they even have bonsai. You can even grow your own food with their range of trees and seeds!

Everything comes with the option of its’ own pot; you could even get a pot separately. They also provide plant care items like fertiliser and tools, or people care items such as a kneeling pad to use in the garden or pretty plant themed artwork to cheer up your day.

The Problem

One of the main issues that arises for florists and horticulturists is the need to protect their delicate products in transit. Sometimes the dainty leafy items even end up in the same package as a hefty piece of metal designed to hack through plants! Plants By Post is not immune to the hardships of their industry, yet they still need to stand out as a leader in their field.

The Solution

This specific product we produced for Plants By Post is the second variant of their Bedding Box. It prominently displays a “Plants This Way Up” notice with an arrow next to the handholds. This will allow couriers to both be aware of the contents of the package, but it provides guidance on how best to carry the items without risk of damage. A nice extra feature of this text is that it may prompt those who come into contact with the delivery to sneak a peek through the holes, to see the quality of the plant inside.

The website is printed on every outward facing side of the box so, whichever way it is stored, people will be able to find their gardening supplies at a moments notice. Their logo is also heavily displayed on the largest side of the container to improve the overall brand awareness of Plants By Post.

Throughout the 2 month consultation process, we were regularly told by our contact Jonathon, that our customer service and attention to detail was miles above previous packaging suppliers they worked with. We think it’s quite the compliment that they chose to shout out our “specially designed boxes” on their  About Us page so we can only assume their sentiment is genuine.

Plants By Post Bedding Box with Flower Background

Going Forward

Plants By Post have been a client of ours for 5 years now; we’ve produced a range of boxes to fit their every changing line of products and we endeavour to keep bringing insight in how to increase their brand presence through packaging design. Possibly bringing in factors like QR codes, prompting people to share images of their gorgeous flowers all over social media

If you already have your flowers, and would just like a way to deliver them, check out our line of flower boxes  here.