Shining a Light on Quality - Lamp & Pencil Box of the Month

Shining a Light on Quality - Lamp & Pencil Box of the Month

12th Jul 2023

Today we’d like to shine the spotlight on  Lamp and Pencil, a leading theatre lighting company, has been at the forefront of producing innovative lighting products that meet strict deadlines and budgets since 2014. As the recipient of the Association of British Theatre Technicians "Best Widget 2023" award for their DMX Clock, Lamp and Pencil has demonstrated their commitment to excellence. They have also contributed their expertise to notable productions like "Beauty and The Beast The Musical" featuring Carrie Hope Fletcher. In this case study, we will delve into how ASC Direct collaborated with Lamp and Pencil to create a bespoke box solution that ensures the safe transportation of their valuable metalwork enclosures, LED drivers, and power supply.

The Problem

This client came to us with an issue very specific to their industry - theatrical lighting equipment is not only heavy but also susceptible to damage during even the calmest of transits. Despite their sturdy construction, these delicate components can still be fragile due to their intricate design and sensitive electronic elements. Additionally, touring shows face the added challenge of moving sets from one venue to another, where the equipment may be subjected to constant handling, vibrations, and potential impact. Another reason that the boxes they are packed in must have longevity. Lamp and Pencil recognized the importance of protecting their products and sought a packaging solution that could safeguard their valuable assets.

Moreover, Lamp and Pencil aimed to leverage their packaging to increase brand awareness. In a competitive industry like theatre technology, establishing a distinctive identity can be challenging. The big name in everyone's mind is the name of the show; not inherently those producing it. They wanted us to help showcase their commitment and build a reputation around quality, rather than attempting to be the cheapest option in the market.

The Solution

To address Lamp and Pencil's requirements, James at ASC Direct engaged in an in-depth discussion with Tamsin Higgins and Robin Barton from Lamp and Pencil. Together, they devised a solution that would protect the metalwork enclosures, LED drivers, and power supply during transit. They decided on a FEFCO Code 0201 box constructed with double-walled corrugate, providing optimal strength and durability. The box's dimensions were tailored closely to the product measurements to minimize movement and jostling during transportation.

In terms of branding, Lamp and Pencil opted for a brown box design featuring their logo on each closing flap. This ensured that the recipient would immediately associate the packaging with the Lamp and Pencil brand. The company's web address was prominently displayed on the side of the box, enabling easy identification amidst a pile of equipment.

ASC Direct provided Lamp and Pencil with 100 custom boxes. Impressively, the client received their order within two weeks of their initial contact with ASC. Lamp and Pencil commended us for our responsiveness, speed, and the exceptional strength and quality of the product.

Lamp & Pencil Theatre Lighting Box Sideways

Going Forward

Thrilled with the success of their bespoke box solution, Lamp and Pencil are now planning to collaborate with ASC Direct for another theatre technology product. We’re aiming to design a new box that will not only ensure the safety of their valuable equipment, but also serve as a powerful branding tool, reinforcing their position as a reliable and quality-focused company.

ASC Direct's partnership with Lamp and Pencil has resulted in a tailored packaging solution that effectively protects delicate theatre lighting equipment during transit. The collaboration highlights the value we place on understanding client requirements, as well as the benefits of customizing box specifications to minimize potential damage. Lamp and Pencil's commitment to quality and innovation, exemplified by their award-winning products and notable contributions to the theatre community, has been further amplified through their custom-branded packaging. With ASC Direct's support, Lamp and Pencil continues to establish their brand as a trusted name in the theatre technology industry.

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