​Playing it Cool – ASC Direct Box of the Month

​Playing it Cool – ASC Direct Box of the Month

16th Aug 2023

Science and engineering are intricate fields that often involve working with complex machinery to drive progress. Modern advancements in cryogenic cooling, for instance, have a significant impact on both scientific research and daily life. It’s not always about trying to freeze a human body to experience the future; they can also cool day to day manufacturing equipment in order to prolong the life of assembly tools. Let's take a closer look at how ASC Direct's collaboration with  Chase Research Cryogenics is contributing to the world of scientific progress.

The Client

ASC Direct has established a productive partnership with Chase Research Cryogenics, a well-established business based in Sheffield since 1993. This company specialises in crafting sub-zero cryogenic coolers tailored for scientific research purposes. With an impressive client roster that includes NASA, prestigious universities like California Institute of Technology, observatories such as Royal Observatory Edinburgh, research facilities including KRISS Institute, South Korea as well as many more across the globe. With such an international client list, Chase Research Cryogenics' products are indispensable tools used in a wide range of applications across the scientific community.

The Problem

Transporting cryogenic coolers isn't as straightforward as it might seem. These intricate devices are both sensitive and expensive, making their safe transportation a priority. There's also the challenge of creating a notable brand identity in a field where the focus is primarily on the research outcomes, rather than the equipment's manufacturers. Chase Research Cryogenics' discerning customers demand top-notch packaging that matches the quality of their products, but when they’re likely focusing on what the tool can help them achieve, brand loyalty may not be an immediate concern.

Chase Research Cryogenics Box

The Solution

ASC Direct's packaging solution is both practical and smartly designed. The box's exterior features a clean white colour that serves as a visual reminder of the low temperatures these products can achieve. The crisp choice of font for the printed text ensures easy legibility through safety goggles, even under less-than-ideal laboratory conditions. The strategic placement of the tagline "World Leaders in sub-Kelvin cryogenics" alongside the logo reinforces Chase Research Cryogenics' reputation for excellence.

However, aesthetics are just the beginning. ASC Direct's innovative packaging consists of a sturdy double-walled corrugate structure that offers robust protection. Plus, the overlapping flap closures double the padding by another degree. This design ensures that the delicate machinery remains secure during international shipping and is safeguarded against handling mishaps by couriers and customs officials. The packaging isn't just a container; it's a testament to thoughtful engineering that mirrors the precision of the products within.

Chase Research Cryogenics Packaging

Going Forward

The collaboration between ASC Direct and Chase Research Cryogenics is far from a one-time venture. As Chase Research Cryogenics expands its team of physicists and engineers, new avenues of innovation open up. This evolution naturally extends to a broader product range that continues to push scientific and engineering boundaries.

Furthermore, ASC Direct's commitment to customisation perfectly complements Chase Research Cryogenics' approach. With a growing arsenal of tailored packaging solutions, including the bespoke  Box Builder, ASC Direct is well-equipped to cater to Chase Research Cryogenics' unique requirements. This collaborative partnership ensures that every piece of cutting-edge technology created by Chase Research Cryogenics reaches its destination safely and ready to contribute to pioneering research.

In summary, the collaboration between ASC Direct and Chase Research Cryogenics demonstrates how even the seemingly mundane aspect of packaging can play a vital role in scientific advancement. Through their practical and thoughtful packaging solution, these two entities are enhancing the transportation and protection of delicate scientific equipment, ultimately contributing to the advancements of modern science. As ASC Direct and Chase Research Cryogenics continue to collaborate, exciting possibilities await that will shape the future of our technological age.