Making the right impression – how ASC Direct helped Fat Cow Skincare with branded packaging - Box of the month

Making the right impression – how ASC Direct helped Fat Cow Skincare with branded packaging - Box of the month

15th Apr 2024

In the competitive skincare market, successful brands are looking to build loyalty with customers to encourage repeat business. Once the products have been ordered, customers wait eagerly for their package to be delivered and this provides a fantastic opportunity to surprise and delight them.

A great way of doing this is to package your products in a distinctive way – creating a unique and exciting unboxing experience for your customers. This elevates your brand and makes it memorable. It’s worth taking time and effort to get this right as it’s important the packaging reflects the brand values.

Ryan Porter, Founder of Fat Cow Skincare, had spent many years perfecting his natural skincare products and approached ASC Direct for help developing the right packaging for their deliveries.

The Client: Fat Cow Skincare

Ryan was acutely aware of the specific needs of sensitive skin, and his interest in alternative living led him to research standard 'sensitive' skincare products along with effective alternatives.

After much trial and error, Ryan came across Tallow and learnt of its nutrient density and how it has all the components of a powerful moisturiser without the need for multiple ingredients – Fat Cow Skincare was launched!

As the products were being shipped to customers, Ryan needed robust and high-quality packaging which would impress customers and build the brand.

The Challenge:

Ryan is proud of using 100% natural ingredients and wanted the packaging to reflect their environmentally friendly ethos.

He also needed the packaging to fit the products, keep waste to a minimum and ensure the items arrived safe and sound. If possible, he was also looking for an exciting brand experience for his customers.

The Solution:

The team at ASC Direct have extensive experience helping ecommerce brands to develop the packaging they need. Firstly, the team suggested using a 0427 E Commerce / Postal Box for a cost-effective solution. The boxes are closed through an intelligent ‘lock’ system, eliminating the need for glues or plastic tapes – better for the environment and easier for the customer to recycle.

To stand out from the crowd, and reinforce the brand, it was decided to print a ‘cowhide’ design on the outside of the packaging, making it instantly recognisable and delighting customers with their purchase. The packaging was also printed on the inside to include a personal message fully in keeping with the personal, caring brand ethos.

The Result:

Ryan is thrilled with the packaging, which meets their brief and impresses their customers.

“I love them, actually I was just about to put another order in for a different size. I’m impressed with the quality overall. The boxes are sturdy and the print is clear and precise.” Ryan Porter, Founder, Fat Cow Skincare.

As Fat Cow Skincare continue to grow and expand their product range, so the team at ASC Direct will continue to support them with high quality packaging that fits their products and meets their brief. It’s brilliant when our customers are happy with their packaging and we know it’s contributing to their success.