How to Package Dried Flowers for Shipping

How to Package Dried Flowers for Shipping

10th Jan 2024

When sending dried flower arrangements, their packaging can make all the difference. These beautiful, long-lasting alternatives to fresh flowers have gained immense popularity for their sustainability and enduring charm. However, the fragile nature of dried flowers means they require special attention during packaging to ensure they reach their destination just as lovely as they were when arranged.

This guide will walk you through the essentials of packaging dried flowers, using specific flower boxes designed to provide the best protection and presentation. Whether you're sending a grand bouquet or a petite, flat arrangement, the right packaging approach will help your dried flowers arrive in impeccable condition, ready to bring a touch of nature to any space.

Choosing the Right Box

The journey of your dried flowers to their new home begins with selecting the ideal box, which is important for both protection and presentation. Each type of dried flower arrangement calls for a specific style of packaging to ensure it remains stunning upon arrival.

End Opening Tall Plant/ Flower Box with Black Floral Print

This elegantly designed box is a match made in heaven for taller, more elaborate dried flower arrangements. Its height accommodates long stems effortlessly, while the end opening feature ensures easy insertion and removal of the arrangement without disturbing its form. The black floral print adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the unboxing experience for the recipient.

Large Flower Boxes

When dealing with substantial dried flower arrangements, these large boxes are ideal. They provide ample space for a variety of arrangements, from lush, full bouquets to intricate flat arrangements. The spaciousness ensures that each flower, leaf, and stem has enough room, minimising the risk of crushing or bending during transit. Additionally, the size of these boxes makes them versatile for packaging multiple smaller arrangements together, ideal for larger orders or gifts.

Letter Box Friendly Flower Box

Perfect for sending smaller, more compact dried flower arrangements, these boxes are specifically designed to fit through standard letter boxes. They are ideal for surprise gifts or for ensuring delivery when the recipient is not home. Despite their compact size, they provide ample protection for delicate dried flowers, ensuring that even the smallest arrangement arrives in perfect condition.

Choosing the right box is the first step in ensuring your dried flower arrangements are both secure and beautifully presented. It's about finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that your dried flowers make a lasting impression from the moment they are received. 

Preparing the Flowers

Before placing your dried flower arrangements into their respective boxes, careful preparation is key. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity and beauty of the dried flowers during transit. Here's how to ensure your dried flowers are ready for their journey: 

  1. Gently clean and inspect: start by gently dusting off any debris from the flowers. Use a soft brush or a gentle blast of air to remove dust particles. Inspect each flower for loose petals or stems and secure them if necessary. This attention to detail ensures that your dried flowers look their best upon arrival.
  2. Arrange thoughtfully: whether it's a flat arrangement or a voluminous bouquet, arrange your flowers with transportation in mind. For flat arrangements, lay the flowers in a natural, slightly spaced manner to avoid crushing. For bouquets, ensure that the flowers are evenly distributed, providing stability and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Secure loose elements: if your arrangement includes smaller, loose elements, like individual petals or leaves, secure them with a small dab of floral adhesive. This extra step prevents these delicate parts from detaching and getting lost during shipping.
  4. Pre-shape for the box: before placing the arrangement in the box, gently pre-shape it to fit the dimensions of the packaging. This helps in minimising movement within the box. For taller arrangements in the End Opening Tall Plant/ Flower Box, ensure the stems are aligned and not bent. For larger boxes, spread out the arrangement to fill the space without overcrowding.
  5. Protect delicate areas: identify the most delicate parts of your arrangement. Use small pieces of tissue paper or eco-friendly embossed paper wrap to provide additional protection. This is particularly important for arrangements with fragile blooms or intricate designs.

Wrapping Techniques

Once your dried flowers are prepared and pre-shaped, the next step is wrapping them. This not only adds an extra layer of protection but also enhances the unboxing experience for the recipient. Here are some effective wrapping techniques using various materials:

  1. Embossed Paper Bubble Wrap: this type of bubble wrap is not only sustainable but also adds a touch of elegance to your packaging. Lay the dried flower arrangement on the paper, ensuring it covers all sides evenly. Gently fold the paper around the arrangement, creating a cushion that supports and protects the flowers. The embossed texture of the paper provides a cushioning effect, safeguarding the delicate petals and stems during transit.
  2. Tissue paper: tissue paper is a fantastic choice for adding a lightweight yet protective layer. Wrap the arrangement in several layers of tissue paper, paying special attention to the most fragile parts of the arrangement. For flat arrangements, place a layer of tissue paper between each level of flowers to prevent friction and damage.
  3. Packing paper: sturdy and versatile, packing paper is excellent for filling voids within the box and providing additional cushioning. Crumple the packing paper and strategically place it around the arrangement, ensuring that it is snug and secure. This prevents any unwanted movement inside the box that could lead to damage.

When wrapping, be mindful not to apply too much pressure, as dried flowers can be quite delicate. The goal is to strike a balance between securing the arrangement and maintaining its natural shape and beauty. Additionally, consider the aesthetic aspect of your wrapping choices. A well-wrapped dried flower arrangement not only survives the journey intact but also provides a delightful unboxing experience, enhancing the overall appeal of your thoughtful gift or product. 

Securing the Arrangement

After wrapping your dried flower arrangement, securing it within the box is a pivotal step to ensure it withstands the journey. Proper securing prevents movement inside the box, which is a common cause of damage during shipping. Here’s how to secure your dried flower arrangements effectively: 

  1. Positioning in the box: place the wrapped arrangement gently inside the chosen box. For taller arrangements in the End Opening Tall Plant Flower Box, align them vertically, ensuring they fit snugly without being compressed. In Large Flower Boxes, lay the arrangement flat, giving each flower enough space to maintain its form. For the Letter Box Friendly Flower Box, ensure the compact arrangement sits centrally to avoid being crushed when the letter box flap is opened.
  2. Fill the gaps: use crumpled packing paper or soft, eco-friendly padding materials to fill any empty spaces around the arrangement. This prevents shifting during transportation. Be cautious not to overstuff, as too much pressure can damage the dried flowers. The key is to create a buffer that absorbs shocks and vibrations during transit.
  3. Securing with eco-friendly materials: if necessary, use biodegradable or eco-friendly adhesive tapes to secure the wrapping paper or padding materials gently. Ensure that the tape does not come in direct contact with the flowers, as it can damage their delicate structure.
  4. Double-check for movement: once everything is in place, close the box and give it a gentle shake to ensure there is no movement inside. If you hear anything shifting, reopen the box and adjust the padding until the arrangement is securely in place.
  5. Final padding on top: before sealing the box, add a final layer of tissue paper or a thin sheet of eco-friendly embossed paper wrap on top for additional protection. This acts as a cushion against the top flap of the box and adds an extra layer of elegance. 

Final Steps and Considerations

With your dried flower arrangement securely wrapped and placed in the box, a few final steps are essential to ensure a successful shipment. These considerations are crucial for both the safety of your dried flowers and the ease of delivery to your recipient. 

  1. Labelling: clearly label the box with the recipient's address and any necessary shipping information. Use a waterproof marker or label to ensure the information remains legible throughout the journey. It's also a good practice to include a return address in case of delivery issues.
  2. Indicate fragility: mark the box as 'Fragile' or 'Handle with Care' to alert couriers and handlers about the delicate contents. This can be done with pre-made stickers or by writing it prominently on the box. While this doesn't guarantee gentle handling, it often encourages more careful treatment during transit.
  3. Sealing the box securely: use strong, reliable tape to seal the box, ensuring all edges and openings are covered. The seal should be tight enough to prevent the box from opening accidentally but not so tight that it warps the box or puts pressure on the contents.
  4. Consider weather conditions: if you’re shipping in extreme weather conditions, like intense heat or cold, consider how this might affect the dried flowers. You may want to add insulation or use expedited shipping to minimise exposure to adverse conditions.
  5. Choosing the right shipping service: opt for a shipping service that aligns with the needs of your dried flower arrangement. Services offering tracking and gentle handling are preferable. If the arrangement is particularly large or delicate, consider using a specialised courier service.
  6. Including care instructions: it’s a thoughtful touch to include a note or a card with care instructions for the dried flowers. This can guide the recipient on how to best maintain and display the arrangement, prolonging its beauty.
  7. Insurance and tracking: for added peace of mind, especially with high-value arrangements, consider insuring the shipment. Also, provide tracking information to the recipient so they can anticipate the arrival of their special package.

By following these final steps and considerations, you ensure not only the safe delivery of your dried flower arrangements but also a pleasant and professional experience for your recipients. This attention to detail reflects the care and quality of your service, enhancing your reputation as a thoughtful and reliable sender of beautiful, long-lasting dried flowers.