Hold the Door! Keeping Security Products Safe - Box of the Month

Hold the Door! Keeping Security Products Safe - Box of the Month

24th May 2023

We recently helped a security business based in the North West of England design and produce packaging to keep their invention “ Holdoor” safe during the delivery process, while still maintaining their brand tone. 

The Client

Holdoor is a new security product born out of the owner Jons desire to keep his family safe. After witnessing his friends home invasion in Manchester, he decided there was no way he would risk his loved ones’ safety in the future. If he wasn’t willing to take that risk, why would anyone else? Close inspection of his friends’ door revealed that it had indeed been locked, but signs of tampering were everywhere. If standard security practices weren’t doing the job, what other areas could be improved? The answer was simple – if the lock fails, just prevent them turning the handle! A few weeks of prototypes and tweaking later and the Holdoor was perfected. The end product is a relatively simple construct; a solid adjustable pole with a trench at the end, designed to fit standard uPVC door handles with left or right-hand openings. You can’t always be there to hold the door, but Holdoor can.

Holdoor Security Product Hold the Door

The Problem

Now Holdoor is there to protect us from burglaries and home invaders, but who is there to protect Holdoor? The device is designed to withstand great force from the angle of a door handle, but that doesn’t make it indestructible from all outside forces. The journey from their warehouse to your home is as treacherous as escaping from the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven so it’s only natural it needs some strong packaging.

The Solution

Our job at ASC Direct is to produce custom made to measure packaging, to protect whatever you bring to us. Holdoor is no different, so we began with a member of our sales team taking the initial measurements of the product. We noted those measurements so the internal dimensions will fit exactly. A particularly long 0201 box with the alternate end opening was determined to be the most appropriate style, to accommodate the device; when fully collapsed, it remains 70cm in length. Heavy duty fluting was also implemented to prevent any potential dents that could occur in transit.

Once the structure of the box was determined, we still needed to decide on the design of the print. Strong branding is a powerful tool to help stick in your customers minds! After all, most houses have a front and a back door, so when Holdoors customers decide they need another one, they’ll need to remember where this innovative product came from! Their brand name in a big bold font affirms the strength and security the product within provides as well as their logo on the end of the box, so it’s right in the customers face when opening the package – a simple but stable foundation just like their product (and just like Hodor tending his stables in Winterfell).

Holdoor Security Packaging Box Design

Going Forward

Holdoor is still in the embryonic phase of building up their business, so they didn’t want to order hundreds of thousands of containers yet.  Luckily we sell our boxes in batches of 25, making a very small minimum order capacity. Jon started off with 100 boxes for his initial order with us. We’ve received some delightful feedback about his product boxes, stating there have been no complaints of damage upon delivery and Jon feels like his business is being represented well through the print design. Some adjustments that have been requested for the next batch include making the design “sleeker”, this is quite an open ended prompt but following discussions, we believe Holdoor would like to come across as a higher end brand that can appeal to higher value clients. Obviously, nothing is more valuable than protecting your friends and family so no expense should be spared when it comes to their protection.

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