Do your mattresses arrive in perfect condition?

Do your mattresses arrive in perfect condition?

5th Jun 2024

When customers are looking for a new mattress, they can choose from a wide range of sizes, makes and finishes. Considering all of these options takes time, so when they’ve made their decision, they expect the mattress to arrive in perfect condition ready to be used.

To make sure this happens, the most important aspect is the packaging, which needs to protect the mattress during transport, be easy to handle, and make a good impression. Traditional packaging methods for mattresses often involve plastic wrapping and large, cumbersome boxes, which can lead to several issues. Mattresses are bulky and if not properly protected can be easily damaged - inadequate packaging can result in tears, punctures, and other problems during delivery, leading to customer dissatisfaction and increased return rates.

Sustainability has also become a driving issue with increasing consumer awareness and regulatory pressure encouraging the demand for more eco-friendly packaging solutions. Replacing single use plastic with easier-to-recycle corrugated makes sense. As we covered in our Extended Producer Responsibility update, the UK Government is encouraging the use of environmentally friendly packaging that is easier to recycle.

Customers want to be impressed. The impression made on delivery is a huge opportunity to surprise and delight customers. Difficult-to-open or unattractive packaging can detract from the overall experience and negatively impact the brand’s reputation.

Mattress manufacturers need a packaging solution that protects their high-quality mattresses during transit, reflects their commitment to sustainability, and enhances the overall customer experience.

Custom Design for Better Protection

As mattresses' weights, thicknesses and sizes vary, so should the packaging. Making sure the right weight and type of corrugated used is essential – too thin and it could be torn but too heavy and it will add too much unnecessary weight to the delivery. Bespoke packaging provides flexibility for different sizes and styles and consequently better protection to ensure mattresses are delivered safely and securely. One design option is to use telescopic style packaging, which will fit a range of widths and be easy to assemble and use for the manufacturer and customer.

Designing in Easy Handling

Lifting and manoeuvring large, unwieldy items can be a challenge. With custom packaging, the right handholes and sizes make all the difference improving manual handling and logistics efficiency.

User-Friendly Unboxing

Mattresses are very personal choices and customers want to feel they have made the right decision. Making the box easy to open, for example with tear strips, can enhance the whole process of delivery and unpacking. Where possible, printing on the packaging can enhance the customer experience, reassuring the customer of the quality of their purchase.

Sustainable Materials to Reduce Environmental Impact

Corrugated is made from recycled material and is fully recyclable making it a sustainable choice for packaging.

Could the Packaging be Re-useable?

One of the added benefits of using an expert packaging designer – like the team at ASC Direct - is that they can consider whether the delivery process lends itself to making the packaging re-useable. This will depend on the circumstances of the delivery company and if they are able to unbox, remove and return the packaging, but this option will save money and resource in the long run and doesn’t leave customers with lots of packaging to dispose of.

Flat Mattress or Rolled?

Some mattresses are packaged and delivered flat while some are rolled for convenience, reducing the overall package size. Custom packaging will fit both kinds of mattress.

Innovative corrugated packaging for mattresses provides improved product protection, enhanced sustainability, optimised logistics, and an elevated the customer experience. This comprehensive solution positions the manufacturer as a forward-thinking, customer-centric, and environmentally responsible brand in the competitive mattress market.