7 ways custom packaging protects kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture

7 ways custom packaging protects kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture

25th Mar 2024

Furniture is not merely functional, it is an expression of our style and personality. When it comes to purchasing furniture, we spend our hard-earned money on the best we can afford to enhance our lifestyles and our living spaces.

For manufacturers, we know that ensuring safe transportation and delivery of furniture is paramount. Any damage in transit or storage is a huge problem – you may have to replace the item, incurring additional deliveries and production costs, not to mention having to deal with complaints.

But how often does furniture end up in oversized or standard packaging when bespoke packaging would be the better option? Whether high value products are being transported between factories or to the end business or consumer, here are 7 ways custom packaging reduces waste and protects your product.

1. Custom Packaging Makes for Safer Transportation

Moving furniture can be tricky and involve multiple stages, including loading, unloading, and transportation. During this process, furniture is exposed to various hazards such as vibration, moisture, temperature changes and manual and machine handling. Custom, fitted furniture packaging, such as robust outers, internal fitments and protective wrapping ensures the stability and integrity of the items during handling and transit.

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2. The Right Material Choice

Furniture can be large and heavy so it’s vital the correct material grade and thickness is chosen to provide full cushioning and support. Corrugated is available in single and double wall and varying thicknesses – at ASC Direct, we’ll help you make the right choice to provide the support and protection needed.

3. Using Fitments to Protect Edges and Corners

Furniture is often made from delicate and fragile materials such as glass, ceramics, and polished wood. These materials are prone to scratches, cracks, and other damage during transit. Using internal fitments, such as corner guards and edges, provides a buffer against potential impacts, preventing any harm to the furniture.

4. Bespoke Packaging Design

Furniture packaging is not just about putting a box around a piece of furniture; it is a comprehensive process designed to protect your valuable products. When we design for furniture, we look at the full lifecycle, from the immediate need of the design to fit the product, right through to how it will be transported, stored, handled and delivered. At ASC Direct, we’ll design bespoke furniture packaging to ensure secure transit and safe delivery.

5. Ease of Handling 

An essential aspect of furniture packaging is the ease of handling. Furniture can be heavy, bulky, or have intricate shapes, making it challenging to manoeuvre during transportation. Packaging solutions such as handles, straps, and labelling help in easy lifting, positioning, and identification of the furniture. Proper packaging not only protects the furniture but also aids in efficient handling, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during loading and unloading.

6. Brand Identity and Customer Experience

In the competitive furniture market, brand identity and customer experience play a crucial role. A well-packaged product reflects the brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail. It creates a positive impression on customers, who appreciate the effort put into ensuring their satisfaction. Furniture packaging, therefore, goes beyond mere protection; it becomes an integral part of the brand's identity and customer-centric approach.

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7. Ease of Assembly

When designing custom packaging, the whole process of how the packaging will be stored and used is considered too. Your team want to be able to easily locate the correct packaging element, and assemble it quickly to maintain workflow. Your team will also want to be able to fit the packaging around the furniture quicky and easily with limited manual handling. Our designers will make sure the packaging is helps your workflow and maintains your speed of production. 

Choose Bespoke Packaging for Your Furniture

By safeguarding delicate materials, ensuring secure transportation, enabling ease of handling, and enhancing brand identity, furniture packaging plays a vital role in providing a positive customer experience. So, when you need to consider furniture packaging, make sure you look at a less waste, more secure packaging fit to ensure your cherished high value products arrive in pristine condition.

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