Environmental Policy

At ASC Direct we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Throughout our operations we are committed to making sure all environmental issues are carefully considered.

Where possible we endeavour to use materials that are fully recyclable. All of our manufactured waste is disposed of responsibly, making sure the recyclable loop is maintained and fully optimised. Achieved through the re-processing of all our waste material produced during the manufacturing process, we fundamentally aim to protect the quality of our packaging and the health of the surrounding environment.

We pride ourselves on the use of recycled material and strive to develop new ways of producing our boxes, resulting in minimum waste for both our processes and our customers.

We work in conjunction with UK packaging regulations, an initiative which encourages packaging companies to take responsibility for the waste they produce. Through continuous improvement we actively surpass these regulations. ASC Direct is committed to responsible actions in the use of natural resources through efficiencies in our manufacturing processes. We work proactively with our customers, ensuring that they are kept up to date with environmental laws and restrictions.

We hope that our customers will reuse and recycle our cardboard boxes, in order to further minimise their impact on the environment.