Postal Box 100mm x 100mm x 70mm, 25 units per pack (73837)


Introducing Our Postal Box 100mm x 100mm x 70mm Pack (73837): Elevate Your Deliveries with Compact Brilliance


Step into a realm of packaging excellence with our Postal Box Pack, meticulously designed to meet your packaging requirements while ensuring a seamless and memorable delivery experience. With a pack containing 25 units, you're equipped with the essential tools to transform each package into a captivating unboxing sensation.


Key Features:



  • Efficient Size, Maximum Utility: Measuring at 100mm x 100mm x 70mm, our Postal Boxes offer a sleek yet accommodating space for various items, catering to your compact packaging needs with finesse.
  • Swift and Hassle-Free Assembly: Bid farewell to intricate assembly processes! Our postal boxes are ingeniously crafted for quick and effortless setup, sparing you the need for elaborate instructions or adhesive assistance.
  • Resilience in Every Detail: Constructed from durable materials, our boxes retain their structural integrity even amidst temperature fluctuations. Rest assured that your contents will remain pristine and secure.
  • Tailored for Seamless Delivery: Our Postal Boxes are thoughtfully designed to slide seamlessly into standard letterboxes, ensuring a seamless delivery process that delights recipients.


Endless Potential:


  • Versatility Across Industries: Whether you're in e-commerce, retail, or gifting, our versatile Postal Box effortlessly adapts to your varied needs, providing a reliable packaging solution that exudes professionalism.
  • Unveiling a Distinct Flair: Elevate your brand by presenting products in an elegant light with our Postal Boxes, turning each delivery into a branded experience that resonates with recipients.
  • Infinite Creativity: From petite tech gadgets to delightful trinkets and charming keepsakes, our boxes offer boundless opportunities for presenting samples that captivate your audience's attention.


Transform your packaging approach with our Postal Box Pack. Redefine your deliveries, infusing each package with sophistication and a touch of ingenuity. Choose beyond ordinary packaging – choose an elevated experience. Choose excellence; choose us.


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Units per pack: 25

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