Packaging Accessories

Embossed Paper Bubble Wrap
Delicate items need  uncompromising protection, and our embossed paper bubble wrap steps up to the challenge. Crafted with intricate embossing techniques, this wrap offers the cushioning your products require, with the added benefit of being sourced from sustainable paper.


Bubble Wrap
No packaging is complete without the reliable bubble wrap. Our robust bubble wrap ensures that your products remain unscathed during transit, offering an air-cushioned wrap to even the most fragile of items.


Biodegradable Void Fill
For those gaps in your packaging that need filling, our biodegradable void fill not only offers a snug fit for your products but also disintegrates harmlessly into the environment after use. It’s protective packaging with a green conscience.


Polythene Products
From covers to bags, our range of polythene products offers a moisture-resistant, strong, and versatile solution for varied packaging needs. Lightweight yet robust, they safeguard against external contaminants while ensuring the integrity of your product inside.


Bubble Lined Envelopes
Documents, small electronics, or other flat items find a protective haven in our bubble lined envelopes. Combining the cushioning properties of bubble wrap with the portability of an envelope, they are ideal for items that require both protection and discretion.


ASC’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction ensures that when you choose us, you're not just opting for a packaging product; you're investing in quality and responsibility.


For more information or to commence your packaging journey with us, contact ASC today on 0800 0731 126 or via our contact form.