Creative Packaging Design & Print

Custom Packaging Design

ASC Direct’s expert design team is available to all customers who have a requirement for custom boxes that need to be a specific shape, specification or size not available using our Boxbuilder design application or alternatively require a die cut box insert. Our design expertise and experience can design and produce a cost efficient solution to any packaging problem.

At ASC Direct we know deadlines are important and delays or missed deadlines can seriously impact on your business, that’s why we work with our Clients to provide solutions that can be produced to meet your deadline, using our state of the art design and production equipment to manufacture and deliver a packaging solution for your product at the best possible price.

Printed Packaging

ASC Direct can also print on your cardboard box solution, to create brand awareness and standout or simply to provide administrative efficiencies and cost savings.

Using the latest corrugated print technology we can print in single or multiple colours to turn your ordinary cardboard packaging box into an important asset for your business.

Why print on your Boxes?

  • Make your brand memorable to all that see your boxes wherever it travels
  • Portray a higher level of professionalism
  • Standout from your competitors
  • Open new avenues of communication and promotion
  • Explain return, delivery instructions or re-ordering
  • Communicate handling instructions
  • Avoid labels which could fall off
  • Customers expect high value, high quality products delivered in high-end packaging

Printed packaging costs less than you might think and the benefits can be significant. Whether you want your cardboard box printed with just a logo, promotional message, website address or multi-colour design it will help you get your brand, product or service noticed where it is seen and become an advertising asset.

Our expert design team have the experience to work collaboratively with our customers to solve any custom packaging problem or printed packaging solutions so contact ASC Direct on 0800 0731 126.

Call one of our experts on 0800 0731 126 and we will be more than happy to help.