Postal Box 163mm x 120mm x 79mm (25 per pack) (73842)


ASC Direct brings you the Postal Box 163mm x 120mm x 79mm, a compact yet robust solution for your smaller shipping needs. This pack of 25 postal boxes is meticulously designed to provide secure and efficient protection for your items, perfect for those who need a snug fit for their petite parcels.


  • Each box measures 163mm x 120mm x 79mm, catering specifically to small-sized shipping requirements.
  • Made from sturdy single-wall rigid corrugated board, these boxes offer excellent durability and safeguard for your parcels.
  • Designed with structural integrity in mind, featuring a double-thickness base and sides for added security and resilience.
  • Includes lock-in flaps for a clean and firm closure, ensuring the safety of your items without the need for additional adhesives.
  • Efficient and effortless to assemble, with the flexibility to add tape for extra security as needed.

Can Be Used For

  • Excellent for sending small-sized items, guaranteeing a secure and protected transit.
  • Well-suited for both individual and business shipping needs, especially when dealing with compact items.
  • A reliable choice for businesses seeking high-quality and dependable packaging for their small product shipments.

Choose ASC Direct Postal Boxes for the convenience of simple assembly and the peace of mind of secure shipping. We are dedicated to premium service, including swift delivery and attentive customer support. For inquiries or to place an order, please contact us at or call 0800 073 1126.

Units per pack: 25

Pack Pricing (Ex. VAT)

Pack Quantity 1 5+ 10+ 15+ 20+
Per Pack £16.40 £15.15 £14.15 £13.65 £12.65
Per Item £0.66 £0.61 £0.57 £0.55 £0.51

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Price per Pack: £16.40 Ex. VAT
Price per Item: £0.66 Ex. VAT
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