Revolutionising Cold Storage: Introducing ASC Direct's Corrugated Freezer Grade Trays

Revolutionising Cold Storage: Introducing ASC Direct's Corrugated Freezer Grade Trays

14th Feb 2024

We all eat and drink – it's essential to our survival and can be some peoples only hobby. So, food and drink production are naturally a major priority for humans overall; maintaining the freshness and quality of perishable goods is crucial. Therefore, we’d like to present our corrugated fridge/freezer grade trays, aimed at simplifying cold storage practices.

Simplifying Packaging Processes

Traditional packaging often involves the hassle of using adhesive for tray assembly. Although standard practice, this can raise concern for chemical contamination in some communities. ASC Direct's trays feature a glueless design, removing the need for tape, glue or any third-party sealants. Simplifying packaging while reducing costs, environmental impact and health concerns.

Maximising Storage Efficiency

Our trays come with lugs and indents that allow for secure stacking, making the most of storage space while minimising the risk of product damage during transport and storage. This stacking feature improves organisation and ensures product safety throughout the supply chain. Not to mention, it helps ward off cross contamination in transit!

Stackable Food Storage Trays

Versatility Across Industries

While our trays serve various industries, we have a significant customer base in frozen pet food manufacturing. Highlighting the adaptability of the tray by catering to both human and pet consumables. They’re equally suitable for transporting pharmaceutical products that may require cold storage during transport.

Maintaining Packaging Strength in Chilly Environments

One of the key benefits of our trays is their resilience in cold storage settings. Thanks to a semi-chem coating, applied during production, our trays retain their strength and structure when shifting between freezing and warm temperatures. Thus, ensuring products remain intact while in storage such as restaurants walk in cold locker. 

Transportation Efficiency

Our trays play a vital role not just in cold storage but also during transportation via the likes of trucks or cargo holds. Regardless of if it's groceries or bulk frozen goods, our trays provide a robust means of transport, protecting products from temperature changes and physical impact. 

ustomise Your Tray

Not everyone appreciates a fancy box, but customising your trays to fit your specific products dimensions will prevent jostling in transit. Handholes can make it easier on your delivery workers to get your materials from A to B, and your brand colours can help you organisation stand out in a crowded warehouse.

Don’t let the opportunity to differentiate pass you buy; contact our sales team to level up our default tray for your needs!

ompetitive Pricing for Bulk Orders

We strive to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. Discounts are available for bulk orders. Test out a sample or two to make sure you’re happy before loading up on inventory, ensuring your business can benefit from our trays, while keeping costs down.