Meet the ASC Team – Michael Whitley

Meet the ASC Team – Michael Whitley

21st May 2024

Making sure our customers’ boxes are manufactured to the best quality and delivered exactly as promised is at the heart of our business. Our production team are second to none with the knowledge and expertise to produce the best boxes for every item. Production Manager, Michael Whitley, joined us recently so we wanted to get to know him better and find out about his background and experience.

Michael’s Experience

Before joining ASC Direct, Michael’s had a varied career, with every role contributing to his knowledge of business and management. Michael started work as a machine operator and has even had a stint in furniture packaging, which helped him to understand how important it is to make sure high value items are properly wrapped in easy-to-assemble packaging. Michael has also worked for himself, so understands the demands of customers and how important it is to deliver the best for success.

The turning point

The turning point came when Michael was working on the shopfloor. “After one of our management meetings, my manager at the time, Joanne Grundy, said, “You are management material”. That stopped me in my tracks. I’d never considered management before but that that conversation changed my career.”

Michael was promoted into a Supervisor’s position. “Joanne had picked up on my ability to see the bigger picture and make relevant suggestions to help make operations run better. That belief in my abilities fired me up. And my ambitions haven’t stopped there. Thank you Joanne!”

Michael’s background of machine operator and progression into management roles is ideal experience for understanding the pressures of a busy operational environment and knowing how to make that work well.

“My background running machines means I understand how important the details are for a smooth operation – making sure the right material is available, knowing what the priorities are and the having the full details of the job required. It’s those details that are essential.”

Supporting his team

To maintain the highest standards that ASC Direct is known for, Michael focusses on good organisation, careful planning and looking after his team of 30 people.

“Getting the most out of my team is vital – I want to make sure everyone has the skills and support they need to deliver. I try to really listen to my team and make sure they have what they need to get the job done.”

Learning and growing at ASC Direct

Upon joining ASC Direct, Michael immediately felt at home. “One of the things I love about ASC Direct is its direction and ambition. Everyone is focussed on growth and getting to the next level. The team have been really welcoming – including Ashley, Celia and Robin – and I’m excited about supporting the ambition growth plans for the future.”

Outside Work

When Michael isn’t organising production, he’s spending time with his fiancé and family. Having just had a little boy, his time is taken up looking after the new baby.

Outside work, Michael’s passion is to build and race slot cars – these are 1/32 scale version of Brisca F1 cars. From flat brass lengths and sheets of plastic, these are cut into shape and then soldered together. Michael’s had great success, winning a number of trophies including the Lancashire cup in 2021. Michael is also MG-tastic champion which he has won twice.

Michael is responsible for the best in custom packaging production for all of our customers. When you need custom packaging for your high value products, then call our sales team at 0800 0731 126 or via our online contact form .