Bubble Mailer 00 (2) Size 115mm x 210mm (Brown)


Explore the secure and practical Bubble Mailer 00 (2), brought to you by ASC Direct. This mailing solution is specifically designed to offer superior protection for your small to medium-sized items during shipping. It combines durability with an eco-friendly approach to meet your mailing needs effectively.

Product Details

  • Name: Bubble Mailer 00 (2)
  • Size: 115mm x 210mm
  • Colour: Brown


  • Optimally sized for small to medium items, these bubble mailers provide a protective enclosure, ensuring the safety of your items, available in both brown and white.
  • Internally lined with premium bubble wrap, offering enhanced cushioning and impact protection throughout transit.
  • Equipped with a user-friendly self-adhesive strip, allowing for secure closure and ease of use.
  • Constructed to be lightweight yet strong, optimizing mailing efficiency and cost-effectiveness without compromising protection.
  • Designed with the right amount of rigidity to prevent the contents from being distorted or damaged.

Can Be Used For

  • Perfect for the secure mailing of small to medium-sized sensitive documents and items requiring additional cushioning.
  • Suitable for both air and surface mail, thanks to its lightweight and durable design.
  • An ideal option for businesses and individuals seeking an environmentally responsible mailing solution.

At ASC Direct, we are committed to providing high-quality products with prompt delivery times. For any inquiries or more details, please contact us at 0800 0731 126 or sales@asc-cartons.co.uk. Opt for Bubble Mailer 00 (2) today, and trust in the quality and reliability that ASC Direct is known for!

Units per pack: 200

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Price per Pack: £16.00 Ex. VAT
Price per Item: £0.08 Ex. VAT
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