Single Wall Box 0201 370mm x 185mm x 200mm (25 per pack) (87554)


Single wall box available whilst stock lasts, when it's gone, it's gone

Explore the versatility of our Single Wall 0201 Cardboard Boxes, tailored for securely packaging and storing a wide range of items, particularly those that are elongated or tall. Crafted from a resilient single layer of corrugated cardboard, these boxes strike the perfect balance between formidable protection and effortless manageability.


  • Assortment of Sizes: Comes in a spectrum of sizes, with the largest being 370mm in length
  • Material Integrity: Constructed from a premium single layer of corrugated cardboard
  • Design Details: Adopts the reliable 0201 configuration with top and bottom flaps for a secure seal
  • Branding Opportunity: Offers the possibility for custom branding, including your unique logo or design
  • Eco-Sensitivity: Manufactured from recyclable materials, endorsing environmentally friendly packaging solutions

Best Suited For

  • Encapsulating and conserving elongated or taller items during transit or in storage
  • Effectively sheltering products such as lengthy electronics, tall books, and other sizeable items
  • Ideal for businesses and individuals in need of dependable, user-friendly packaging solutions
  • Assisting in the orderly stacking and space-efficient arrangement of products
  • Meeting the requirements for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging choices

ASC Direct is committed to providing bespoke packaging solutions that meet the unique requirements of your business. For customised boxes or any queries, feel free to contact us at or call 0800 073 1126.

Units per pack: 25

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