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Spring cleaning storage solutions for your office and home

  • Spring Cleaning Storage boxes
    24 April 2015

    Spring is finally here and so is the perfect time to give your office and home a fresh start by clearing out and organising your possessions with expert tips from ASC Direct.

    Most spring cleaning is effectively de-cluttering and is something that should be ongoing, like cleaning.
    Here are our top five tips to organise your office and home:

    Archive – every office has documents they need to keep for ‘just in case’ reference. Separate these and place in boxes which are clearly labelled for easy retrieval should you need them. The rule of thumb is to keep records going back five years but this will obviously change for each company, profession and type of record.

    Hide it away - everything that lives on a desk or in a drawer should have its own home where it’s kept. If not then a desk will become a home for everything. Hide things away in storage boxes which are easy to access, keeping only everyday objects within your reach.

    Recycling made easy – label four boxes to sit next to your bin so that staff can separate tin cans, paper and cardboard, glass and plastics. Keep the bin for wet foods only.

    Is it broken? Then either have it repaired or get rid. Local councils will offer electronic recycling so check out your local centre for the do’s and don’ts in your area.

    Label everything – either with a label maker or little stickers and a pen, label everything as you go. Not only will this help you to remember where things are placed, it will also help others from cluttering the office. People are more likely to return items to the proper place rather than leaving them on your desk or bookshelf.

    Start off with the Four-Box Method – this is a popular de-cluttering technique using four boxes: bin, give away, keep or relocate. Visit each room and challenge yourself to come up with four items in each and place them into one of the four categories.

    Charity Box - always keep a charity box on the go and when you find something you don’t need any more put it in.
    Seasonal storage - store bulky items like duvets and pillows or out-of-season clothes in boxes under the bed, top of the wardrobe, in the garage or any other empty space you can think of. Putting a long throw on the bed that drops to the floor will hide all your secret hideaway spots.

    Clothes and shoes – if you haven’t worn it in a year, either put it in storage or pass it over to a friend or charity shop.

    Kids – challenge your kids to find five items in their room to give away to a local hospice or doctor’s waiting room.
    View our range of double wall storage boxes which are easy to stack, saving on space, whilst keeping your possessions safe and secure.

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