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Cardboard revolutionises The Tech industry

  • First Portable Camera | Made Of Cardboard
    12 February 2015

    Who would have thought that cardboard would have revolutionised the packaging industry? This stiff corrugated brown material, has not only made an enormous impact towards packaging, but had also become a legacy in the camera industry. In the 1900’s the first ever cardboard camera was created, by Frank Brownell. The camera stood just 13cm tall and was the named the ‘Brownie Camera’, after its creator.

                                                       Brownie Camera | First Portable Camera Made From Cardboard

    The Brownie was a simple, popular design for inexpensive cameras to be used by everyday people. It could be bought for $1 with film and would have been processed for the total sum of $2’s. It was originally produced by Kodak, who helped to promote low cost photography as well as making the camera a snapshot tool. Prior to the Brownie, photographers used to carry around cumbersome equipment that produced photos, however they took a long period of time to develop. These cameras were usually made from mahogany and brass, which made them heavy and inconvenient, unlike the brownie which was light, small and simple to transport.                                                                                                             Google Cardboard | Virtual Reality Smartphone Device

    Today in the 21st century Google has brought out the innovative, simple design of “Google Cardboard”. This is a take on the cardboard camera, but instead of using film and being a small box camera, it becomes a holder for your phone! It allows your smartphone to provide a virtual world, all you need to do is download the Google apps to experience the true virtual reality. These experiences can consist off you flying around Chicago, using your head as the steering device or watch YouTube movies as if you are sat in a huge cinema. This low tech approach to a virtual world uses your smartphones accelerometers and gyroscopes to move through worlds and interact.

    Google don’t produce ‘Google Cardboard’, they have just put the list of parts and all drawings needed to build the smartphone holder on Google Cardboards page. You can download the full PDF for the instructions or we have provided the downloadable PDF for ease to make Google Cardboard for yourself.

                                                    Google Cardboard Ingredients | Develop Your Own Virtual World

    Have you got any innovative cardboard design ideas which you think will wow the world? Contact ASC Direct today, as we offer an excellent design and CAD service which can help you bring your ideas to life!

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