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2015 Survey: Damaged Packaging is Costly to Small Businesses

  • Costly Damaged Cardboard box Packaging
    06 February 2015

    As packaging specialists, we understand the importance of creating sturdy packaging that can safely carry objects to their destinations unspoilt and intact. Damaged packaging, however, can be highly costly to smaller businesses in terms of time, profits and lost sales.

    To find out more, we recently created a survey which was answered by 1000 people; over 60% of those asked claimed to be online sellers with 85% of them selling goods on eBay. Nearly 60% of the sellers we asked, admitted to having had goods returned back because of damaged, faulty packaging. One online retailer said that after rethinking their packaging techniques, they have seen a large improvement as the number of faulty products being returned has decreased significantly.

                                              Damage to Boxes Is Costly To Businesses

    Tina Parker, from www.frenchloveliness.com which sells French shabby chic style furniture & accessories has said:  “Packaging was never a real priority for my business until I experienced a spate of returns for one item which had unusual dimensions. The time, not to mention sales lost as a result of this, made me realise I needed to invest a bit more time looking at my packaging requirements. I now consider the packaging as part of my marketing and I believe it’s helped to build my repeat customer base. ”

    The results from the survey told us that 38% claimed that they had received items in the past, which were packaged so poorly that it would discourage them from using a retailer again. 40% also said another factor which would dissuade customers from using a supplier again is when they receive a package which contains extra and unnecessary cardboard and packaging materials.

    Andrew Woodhead, the managing director here at ASC Direct, says: “We are a nation with many small online sales businesses. Packaging is often an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. Cheap poor quality packaging significantly effects sales and ends up costing more in the long run. It’s detrimental, especially for the smaller businesses.

    “With selling and buying online becoming more and more popular there’s plenty of consumer choice, so it’s time we thought more about the quality of the service, which includes the quality of the packaging.”

    At ASC, we have been providing the UK with a wide range of box solutions over the past 30 years. We cater for both large and small independent retailers, by providing a large variety of different packaging services and catering for large and small volumes. Our business is also known for the popular Boxbuilder tool which allows you to customise and design your own box to fit any particular product and packaging requirements.

    Want to create your own box? You can use our popular box builder tool to create the perfect box!

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